Handle two tanks with Farmbot

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to understand if it is possible to supply the Farmbot with two different tanks and the best way to do it.
So I think the best way would be using a pump and a solenoid valve 3/2 way to select the tank.
I think to replace the solenoid valve with the pump, so that there will be only one tube connected at the Farmbot and than use a solenoid valve 3/2 way to select one of the two tanks from which the pump will sucks the nutrient solution.

The solenoid valve already with Farmbot is 24V 160mA.
Do you think the pump that will replace the solenoid valve requieres maximum 160mA or even more current will be provided by the Farmbot?

Than I know there are some free pins. How many Volts and Amps will be provided by the free pins for the solenoid valve 3/2 way ?

In alternative the pump will be connected at the free pins and the solenoid valve 3/2 way will replace the old solenoid valve…

Which solution do you think will best work ?
Can you suggest me some alternative solutions ?

Thank you very much

Hi @lukef here are 2 forum threads that might help.

The switched 24VDC “Peripheral” sockets on a Farmduino v1.5 probably have a total current budget ( sum of the 5 outputs ) of around 3A so you’d need to be aware of concurrent active peripheral loading in your controlling sequence(s).