Hardware part numbering or ID system

I am wondering if FB has a unique part numbering and versioning system that users and customers can see and reference. I am sure that there is a system in place, I just can’t seem to find any such reference when I browse through the shop. While this may not be an issue today, I can see it becoming more of a need as time, versions, kits and options increase.
As example, if I have a FB Geninisis, and I then buy a FB Genesis XL, and I need a part that is not common between the two or that is the “same but different” between the two, I will need a way to differentiate between the two. One solution would to be to create sections in the online shop for different models, but even better would be to have a unique part ID system.
This would also help the DIY folks, as they could say “use vacuum pump mount ver FB-VPM-001”.
Hope this makes sense.
Full disclosure: I do not have a FB (yet-hope to be able to get one soon). I am just very interested and trying to be involved. Please feel free to be critical and educational in any comments.