Help makers access farmbot parts via

Hi FarmBot Folks,

I’m super excited to learn about FarmBot and that pre-orders are coming soon!

I really like that the plans are available to make one too! I may go the maker route if needed. I predict many other people may do similar… and be swapping parts with each other and sharing surplus parts, etc.

I have founded a crowdsourcing marketplace that I think could be great for FarmBot parts (new/used) to be exchange in various ways (gift/share/borrow/buy/rent). It would help the community make more of these machines and help each other save money and reduce waste.

The url is Would you be open to seeing if it can help anyone access what they need to make their bot? If so, I’m happy to set up everything… (this is for free because my team and I support what you’re doing and want to help…)

Hey that looks cool! I don’t think we’re ready for this yet, but maybe in a few months when we have a larger community, an anyshare site will be just what we need. Cheers!