Help/Tips for alligning rails parallel and level onto garden bed

Ok, so I got the Farmbot Genesis setup last year, but I seemed to have trouble getting the two X-axis rails aligned well on the garden bed. Throughout the season was able to get the gantry to move up and down the x-axis rails attached to the garden bed, but it always seemed to get stuck mostly at the transition but also around other areas, so I eventually moved to only using half the rails so it didn’t have to transition between rails, but it still seemed to get stuck at times. I tried to make adjustments to the brackets to make sure they are level and parallel but this seemed to be problematic because as I tighten the hardware it could change the orientation from what I wanted, but even when I thought I had the rails level and parallel, based on the level and tape measure readings, the gantry would still at times have trouble moving. I should also note that I tried adjusting the wheels.

Right now I have Farmbot stored away for the winter, but as I prepare for the upcoming farming season I was wondering if other people experienced these issues and if so how were you able to resolve them?

Also, I was recently in the hardware store trying to figure out some contraption that might help me make minor adjustments to the rails after attaching them to the garden bed, but I did not find anything to help. So, I thought it would be good to ask the farmbot community to see if anyone else had come up with something for adjusting the rails.

Any ideas or tips would be appreciated so I can hopefully hit the ground running in the spring. Thank you!

Mine was working fine for 99% of the time, sometimes I was able to notice some problems with X or Y axis movement.
It seamed that one of the motors was having problems with moving (I was shuttering) and that caused to have problems with the alignement of the FB,
Then I decreased move parameters (max speed and acceleration steps).

Decreasing those parameters seamed to have solved the problem permanently.


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Hey Kris, I did not encouter the problems you have. How is your raised bed built?

Maybe you should try to put the 1,5 m half-FB onto the ground and just support the rails on the 4 edges that the bracket with the wheels can move freely over the rail. Thus you are able to detect wether you have a mechanical- geometry related problem or something withing your software of the FB. I do have the FB indoors at the moment and I printed 4 studs which lift the rails off the ground a little bit. Moves perfectly free…

Thanks all. I’ll play around with those ideas.