Home button in "Controls" window

Hello everyone!

I want to propose to expand the fuctionality of “Go to Home” button in “Controls” window.
In my case I have a FarmBot with one endstop on each axis. Typical CNC story.
In typical CNC soft we have Home button, wich is actually about going to endstops and homing.

I had read docs:

“Homing” is different than “Going to Home”

Homing is the act of finding the home (zero) position by using endstops or encoders. Going to Home is the act of moving to (0, 0, 0). The button on the Controls widget with the home icon instructs FarmBot to Go to Home.

If FarmBot does not have encoders and user manually moved axis or something else happened, that decalibrated coordinates, user have to go to “Device” window and press 3 buttons to home each axis separately.:man_facepalming:
One Home button would ge logical in this situation, I guess.

I undenstand, that genuine FarmBot have encoders and “Go to Home” button fits him,but…

My proposal is to add a switch in Hardware settings window that would alter the meaning of this button.

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Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve discussed this internally as a feature as well, so it’s good to hear it would be useful to you. We’ll let you know when we have something deployed to the app!

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This feature has been released with today’s software update.