Home Command takes 2 tries to find Home

After update 5.0.4 and now worse after update 5.0.5. Press the Home button once and Y, Z move to Home, X does not move. Press it a 2nd time and X moves to home. After updating to 5.0.5 this now happens when using the Home command in a sequence as well as the Home button in controls. Everything moves smoothly.

Home command moves X and Y to home if Z is already at home. When I try to move all 3 to Home, it moves Z to home, moves Y to home and then generates the following error.

Unhandled message: “R08 G00 X500 Y0 Z0 S100 Q51\r”
Failed to execute rpc_request: “Movement failed: unhandled echo: R82 X500 Y500 Z0 Q0”
Failed to execute home: “Movement failed: unhandled echo: R82 X500 Y500 Z0 Q0”


Think our Arduino is going. In addition to taking 2 tries to get the FB to move to home, other weird things have started to happen. We had “find home on boot” selected for all 3 axis. The Arduino started doing 2 find home sequences on bootup and then locking up with the x-axis motors at home but chattering and not linking with the Raspberry Pi. With “find home on boot” disabled for X-axis the Arduino finds home on Z and Y, then repeats before stopping and linking to the Raspberry Pi on bootup. Some sequences work while others will run once and then error out.

Have a new Arduino on order.


New Arduino, no change.

During boot, Arduino finds home on Y and Z axis (as per device settings) and then 20 seconds later it does it again. Only then does it link to the Raspberry Pi.

When I try and home or calibrate X-axis, FB moves to the end, stalls, the motors start chattering and in the Controls Tab, the X-Axis position keeps decreasing (increasing to the negative) while the X-Axis motors are stalled and not moving. Have to do an ESTOP to get the motors to stop chattering. Y and Z Axis will calibrate and home properly.

New Arduino, reflashed the SD card, reset to Factory Default, all to no effect. What do I try now?


Since the X-axis is the only axis where the motor doesn’t stop moving at the axis end, I would recommend making sure the X-axis encoder is working properly.

The upgrade to 6.0.1 seems to have fixed the problem.