How can I give to IP address to Farmbot

How do I assign a static IP address to my Farmbot?
There is no DHCP Server or WIFI. Only static IP addresses can be used.

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Hi again, Sang Won,

Unfortunately, we only support DHCP at the moment. It is on our list of things to do in a next release, but we don’t have a release time line right now. It might be possible to get around this limitation by using a gateway / bridge computer, but we have not tried this.

If it is a must then stick an old router on your network with the DHCP range with only one address or two addresses available and connect Farmbot to that router. Your primary router can still serve all the other addresses you need.
Primary DHCP range x.x.x.1-199 Secondary router has DHCP range x.x.x.250-253

If nothing else you will know the 'bot is one of only a couple possible addresses.