How long does it for OTA update to complete?

The OTA update has been going on for more than 12 hours. Is this normal? How long does the OTA update usually take?

I would say 12 hours is too much. if you keep having problems with that you can always take out the micro SD card and flash the FB OS image on it directly. how to do that is documented right next to where FB OS image can be downloaded

@djdas I will forward this issue to @connor for investigation. Is your forum email address the same as your FarmBot email address? Please message me your email privately (not here) if that isn’t the case. This will allow us to remotely inspect your device logs.

An OTA update on a decent internet connection will usually take 15 seconds to 2 minutes to download, and then the update and reboot process will usually take 1-5 minutes. I’ve added this information to our documentation so everyone has a better idea of what to expect.

The blue light keeps flashing, even when I reboot the FarmBot.
I may have to flash the FB OS.