How to access raspbi pins in software?

Hi @Gabriel,

I would like to use a rain sensor which is mounted on near the raspi and wired to the Raspi or the RAMPS.
Could you please add all pins which are currently supported by the software either per read or write?

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You can take a look at the RAMPS pinout diagram and find a pin that’s not in use. Pins in the AUX headers are a good place to start. All pins that are not peripherals will default to input.

Thanks Gabriel for the response! Does that mean, that every pin (digital or analog) up to D63 and A15 are accessible through myfarmbot? Please elaborate which functionalities from the RAMPS were integrated into the software web frontend…

What do you mean with:

D1 though D69 are available from the web app, which includes the analog pins (can be used as analog or digital inputs). Peripheral pins and motor pins are set as outputs, while the rest are set as inputs.

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Hey @Gabriel,

considering the post above, the wiring diagrams from the RAMPS shield and the code, could you please tell me how the assignment between software (farmbot web app) and the layout on the shield shall be understood? This does not quite fit into one picture for me at the moment.

Moreover it would be really nice if you could do a quick update of one line in the code to have at least one analog input without pull up defined!

reprap RAMPS Shield