How to Add New Tools to the UTM? Is it possible to add a tool that has 110V Power

Hello Farmbot Forum,

If I wanted to create a weed wacker tool and add it to the farmbot how is it possible to add 110V power to the UTM to power this tool?


it depends ;), you have to make sure that connectors to your toll will support 110v.
You’d have to provide direct connection to UTM, I’m not sure about how you’d like to control when the weed wacker would be working or not.

Is it possible to use the existing available conductors to power the 110V tools. Would I need to run a separate power wire that can handle the amps required to power this 110V tool?

Consider if the 110V wire dislodges from the screw (held on with a cable tie?) and touches either another screw/wire or the aluminium frame. That could kill someone. I would strongly suggest you find a method to run a dedicated (outdoor i.e. UV stable) cable directly to the tool (forget the UTM).

Just find one <48v eg these. No need for it to be 110v.