How to debug/diagnose/hack rotary encoders?

It seems to me that my farmbot moves quite well in manual mode when encoders are off. When I enable them on each axis the farmbot just move very little and stop. I try to reverse the signals in the connector of the RAMPS assuming that maybe they in reverse according with encoder signals but the result is the same.

Firmware-level support for rotary encoders currently under development. When you have the encoders enabled, the firmware expects the motor and encoder steps to match and stops movement if they don’t. They aren’t matching because of how the firmware is currently translating the signals from the rotary encoders, which will be fixed soon. Glad to hear it’s moving quite well without!

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Yes. Thank yo for your efforts and dedication in the project. I had the afternoon looking at the arduino code and I found a lot of the encoder related lines disabled. I think you are working to get them right soon. Is this right? I also notice that the reverse motors command is also not working. Am I right?
And the third and last question. Is the arruino software updated when I am updating the OS raspberry firmware through the web app? Why I can see 3,1.2 in GitHub and only 3.1.0 in the webpage? If I update manually they say that the file type is wrong? Should I move to another topic to see why is not at the last version?

Still testing with the encoders.

The reverse motor command should work. The current version needs a reboot of the arduino to activate this. The new version will use the setting immediately. I think that currently the setting for inverting the X2 motor however does work but is not on the config screen.

Encoders can be enabled via the web app to find home and detect stalls in the latest release.

The latest FarmBot OS image can be downloaded here, with the new features available at

I tried today and looks much more stable and reliable


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