How to loop all plants for a senquence

it’s cool feature to loop all plants for watering. but I don’t find loop function in sequence design panel.
I have to select all plants one by one.
I think I did wrong opetion.
Can you please give me a sample kindly ? Thanks,

Please don’t make duplicate posts, we’ll get to you eventually. Also, this is not formulated as a feature request. I’m moving this to Troubleshooting.

We do not yet have the looping functionality built into the FarmBot system yet. This is a major feature that is on our roadmap though so that you can more quickly and easily manage an entire garden with FarmBot.

In the meantime you can configure your FarmBot in other ways. For example you could create a regimen to take care of one plant and then schedule the regimen for each plant in the garden. Or you could create a sequence that waters all plants in the garden, and then schedule it once or twice a day.