How to purge/delete images?

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures to experiment with the system. There doesn’t seem to be a way to purge out the old images? So, when I go to the “device” display, I have to scroll through ALL the images ever taken to seem my most recent images.

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This is a bug. We’re supposed to be showing the most recent image first and then you would click through the images going back in time. I’ll relay this to Chris, our main frontend developer. Once this is fixed, do you still think you would want a delete-all button? Is that a high priority to you?

It would be a lot less important if you could start at the beginning, however I still feel there will be a need to selectively delete individual images. For example, what if a neighbor’s child stuck his face under the camera at the moment it took an image. I’d probably want to delete that image to protect the child’s identity.

So, overall, sorted inverse chronological would be a great start and then at some point to have the ability to selective delete images would be very nice to have, but not urgent.

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FYI the latest deployment to the web app displays images starting with the newest image :camera_with_flash: