How to queue a sequence?

If I run a 5 minute sowing sequence at 1100 and I run a second watering sequence at 1102, the second sequence doesn’t run.

Is there a a way to queue a sequence so that it runs after the previous one?

I am guessing that you are setting up “Farm Events”?
If so, I think if the Bot is tasked when the event time is reached, it skips it…
You would have ot time it so the second event starts after the first is finished.
I think…

Yes, forgot to mention, I am scheduling events in the Farm Designer. I think you are right the sequences have to be scheduled after the previous one. However this is difficult, as I have some long sequences ( sowing 50 seeds, and I’m not sure how long they will take.

I guess the easiest way would be to merge two sequential sequences into one sequence

I think you should probably have a very good idea of how long your sequences run for. Time them.
Give yourself some guard-band on the ends.
If your sequence runs for 30 minutes, set them up to run at 40 or 60 minute intervals.
You can trim later as you get a feel for it.
Keep in mind, each sequence will and should run exactly the same time, each time, unless you change something.
You could, therfor, time them so they run back-to back…
Or, better yet, just make one sequence that contains both. One cant run until the first completes. Make that sequence your Farm Event.

Thanks for your advice, I think the easiest option is just to run them as one sequence, as you said.