How to quickly program sequences

Hi there,

I have a beginner question about programming movements and sequences.

Ik have made some sequences but they are a bit tiresome to set up.
I was wondering how other people deal with the following situations, which I am sure must have been done before. I have the feeling I am missing something or maybe I have not read part of the documentation. I am hoping to get some good pointers.

  • Do I need to set up each sequence myself? Do I need to tell farmbot where and what to plant specifically? I was hoping this would be automated a bit more. It looks like I have to set up all sequences myself, is that correct? I saw some posts about people prepraring sequences for others, is there anything semi official we can use?

  • How do you change the seeder, waterer, weeder etc. from the universal tool mount? I have tried to move and pull it out, but the magnetic coupling is too strong, I feel like I am missing something. Is there a command to disrupt the magnetic pull?

You can use the Farm Designer to select the location of plants in your garden, and then import those locations when instructing FarmBot how to move in sequences. Anything that you would like FarmBot to do needs to be included in a sequence. For more information and example sequences, see the Sequences documentation. We are working on features to reduce the need for creating as many sequences, see this post about a recent software update for more information.

Your question about tool changes may be more appropriate for a new topic, but how are you dismounting the tools? The dismounting process should be the same as the mounting process, but in reverse. The z-axis leadscrew has more than enough strength to pull the UTM off of the tool after the tool is in the toolbay.

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I figured out that it is more successful to stay 3-5 mm above the tool at the begin of the mounting sequence. I then move in x direction and the tool flips in as and aligns itself. The play and the movement of the z-axis (due to its nature being a long beam which is only fixed “at one end”) do not allow for precise mounting of the tool. This is mainly due to the grommets of the three liquid holes on the UTM part which sometimes fail to align with the holes of the tool. I had the UTM pressing very hard onto the tool because it was not aligned with the holes - and the tool is inserted at the very end of the toolbay so there shouldn`t be any “wrong” play…

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Thanks for the reply.
My problem is that my motors are moving very slow, when I use the control panel.
Is there a way to change the speed somewhere?

They are using the same speed as set on the device page? You have different speeds when using the controls page and in the sequence? That shouldn´t be the case if so…

If anyone is looking for this info, I recommend spending an hour on the Farmbot YouTube. Specifically the Device video where Rory shows how to change the speeds, and the sequence video Rory runs through a sequence that mounts and dismounts some tools.