I have the parts now what

Sourceing and getting the parts is the easy part. How hard would it be to program the aurdino and rasberry pi doing this yourself and not through your kit? You do have your step by step process but theres always troubleshooting. Didnt want to go to all the effort of the hardware if can sort out the software. As im sure there a few people with this question.

Would there also be parts of the kits we could purchase seprately as i already have a 3d printers and a few of parts laying around the shed etc to save on costings.

Thank you for keeping it freeware!!!

Great question! The software setup is fairly straightforward, but it does require some technical experience. We’re working on ways to make it really easy though (just load a file onto an SD card) which should make it do-able by anyone. If you do it yourself, you can always come here to the forum and we can help you out :slight_smile:

Also, while we aren’t selling individual parts or partial kits right now, we hope to open up a full online shop once we fulfill all of the pre-orders in February.