I'm lost in the files

I’m a bit lost in the files and not sure which way to go. I have the folders in google drive (genesis V08 and manufacture) and also am looking at the Onshape site (https://cad.onshape.com/documents/6626b842adca229e69544ad1/w/89ac2637f82d915f22c2bcd0/e/d2c6c72fede33a22f49f90df) .

I’m teaching a high school level engineering design class, and also serve as an adviser for a sustainability project. So on one hand I want to build the Farmbot and get this garden going, on the other hand I want to use the part files in the engineering class as a way to hone their skills.

Which brings me to where I am lost. I printed the stl labeled “gantry plate” in the gantry folder in the solidworks folder under genesis. I can’t find a drawing file for it anywhere. Not only that, I can’t figure out what it is for, as it doesn’t match any of the gantry parts in the gantry folder in onshape.

An image of the plate is on the _all brackets water jet layout in the manufacturing folder, but that doesn’t really help as it has no dimensions nor does it tell me what it is for,

Is there maybe a pdf or something of each part imaged with it’s name?

I found the folder in onshape that has a pdf bill of materials, and “gantry plate” is listed on there, but there is no image and I have several other stl files labeled gantry plate that are all different from each other.

I also found this BOM (https://farmbot-genesis.readme.io/docs/bill-of-materials) and looked under plates and there is nothing there that matches the plat I printed.

How do I know exactly what I need? I feel like the answer is probably staring me in the face and I just can’t see it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m just lost in all these files…

There have been many versions of FarmBot Genesis. See past versions for details. FarmBot through the years may also be interesting.

Since version 1.1, we have switched to OnShape for hardware design. As you have found, the files for the previous versions are still available. You can find the latest version 1.1 files in the FarmBot Genesis OnShape document.

In the document, in addition to all the native design files, there is a Meta folder in which you can find PDFs with labeled drawings for each part. There is also a drawing that you can export as a DXF with all the plates in it, and an assembly with all the 3D-printable parts that you can export as STLs.

Cool, that helps! I have one other problem now lol, the directions in onshape say to right click on the all plastic parts for stl export to download the stl files, but when I right click on it I am not getting the option to export, all I get is a choice to open the folder in a new tab…__

weird, I just tried it again and it worked this time.

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it!

Where do you find the All Plastic Parts to do this export?

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