Import/ export sequence and regimen?

Is there any existing way to import/ export sequences and regimens?

I’m planning on building a fairly complex series of sequences and would like to re-use it across multiple machines?

I couldn’t see a way in the webUI is there a way of copying them direct to my Pi and then having that sync up with the cloud? I’m not afraid of SSH or text files.

I’m assuming it’s a two way Pi <> Cloud sync?

I found this old thread

Has there been any progress on this one?


@sam_uk The imports/exports is not yet available.

It might be possible to emulate account data transfer using a feature that is scheduled for the next major release. The solution described below won’t work until the next major release comes out, but could be a good starting point for advanced users and 3rd party developers that are comfortable writing custom import/export scripts.

For the last few months, we’ve been working on a sequence parameters / sequence variables feature which will reduce the amount of “wheel invention” required for advanced use cases.

You will be able to define variables at the top of your sequence and then change those variables from within the FarmEvent or Regimen editor. For example, if you have a “water carrot” and “water tomato” sequence today, you will be able to merge both into a “water plant” sequence and provide the carrot/tomato part from the farm event / regimen editor. This might be a partial solution, depending on the exact use case and if you are willing to manually write a script to transfer data between accounts via the REST API.

I’m not afraid of SSH or text files.

For power users, the feature I described above might be enough to get started with a “sequence transfer” script. You would need to create sequences that only use parameters for inputs. That is to say, they do not directly reference any account resources, such as tools or plants and instead pull data in via the use of variables. You could then use the REST API to download sequences from account A and re-upload them to account B. Once they are re-uploaded, you could apply the relevant variables locally.

We will keep you posted about when the variables feature ships, as well as the import/export functionality.

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@sam_uk FarmBot OS v8 is currently in preview / beta right now. We don’t recommend v8 for high uptime setups yet (we’re still QAing the release), but it supports the new “variables” feature and is available if you want to give the variables feature a try for easier exports.

For an import/export script, you would need to write your sequences in a way that does not reference any tools/plants/points directly. You would instead use variables. From there, you could download the JSON from the API of Account A and then transfer said sequences to Account B. I’m happy to answer any questions you have along the way.

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Thanks I’ll take a look in the next couple of days.

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