Import to Big Blue Saw incorrect

Hi All,

I’m trying to order plates from Big Blue Saw, but the holes on one of the plates toward the middle are not aligning correctly after I upload it.

I’ve tried fiddling with the export settings but I’ve gotten the same output with everything I’ve tried.

I’m getting this from “All Plates Layout [Flat]” drawing on both v1.1 and v1.2. Any ideas on what I should do?

Big Blue thinks this is what the drawing looks like:

Thanks -


That’s pretty odd. Have you tried copying the Onshape CAD workspace into your own account and editing the native file to try and see if that fixes it?

Any edits you can suggest? I have tried exporting from a copy of the project - but the image looks fine to me. Would the “All Plates Layout [Flat]” drawing be the place to edit or is it compiled from another file somewhere?

Any chance you could share a working version the file (is there a way to do that here)?

Anyone done this recently? This and the motors are the last pieces I need to start building but feeling SOL at the moment.

I should also ask, were there big changes from 1.0? I remember getting the stuff of Google drive to work.

v1.1 Change Log

That’s a very odd issue, but if you delete the plate that isn’t uploading to Big Blue Saw correctly and add it again using the left face, it should work. I can’t edit the v1.1 drawing, but I edited the current workspace drawing here. However, because that is the current workspace, it may break at any time due to ongoing changes.

Another option is to replace the offending plate with a copy of the one next to it (it’s the same plate) with your favorite DXF editing software (you can edit imported DXFs in OnShape).

Skynet, did you ever get your plates cut from Blue Saw?

I sent them STLs, which they told me to convert to DXFs - but I’m not able to find an option in OnShape to export to DFX. How did you get your shapes to Blue Saw? Are you able to share your cuts with me? Like you, these plates and the motors are the last items I’m needing to purchase for my farmbot.


If you want to export individual plates instead of using the drawing with all the plates organized for cutting linked to above, you would have to go into the part studio for each plate, right-click the face of the plate, and click “Export to DWG/DXF”, then select “DXF” as the file type.

Otherwise, you can just export the “all plates” drawing by right-clicking the tab and selecting “Export”.

Ah, that’s where I’m getting tripped up. How do I get the part to “Part Studio” ? Is this another program?

It’s in the OnShape document. Here are a series of screenshots that may help you out, but I want to reiterate, it’s best to simply export the drawing with all the plates in it if you don’t need individual parts.

Thank you so much Gabriel! I would have never thought to open up the tab manager to get to this!!