Improving Farm bot using data/ML

how could I use data and machine learning to further improve farm-bot. Any suggestions?

On this forum there is some posts regarding plant disease and insect damage detection and identification. I haven’t yet seen a solution posted however. That would be a good start.

Thanks. The insect detection is a very good idea. A method I could use for this is YOLO object detection. There are a lot of good YouTube tutorials on using object detection so that could be a good start.

What I always was trying to do is to use machine learning to let the bot tell me whether I need to water or not. You can take basically as many inputs as you like, such as soil moisture, rain forecast for the next 24 hrs, temperature, etc… but I did not manage how to get started best… I gathered the data for one season, so this can be used if someone knows how to do it :wink:

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