Indoor gardening with farmbot?

I searched for “indoor” on the forums and only saw a few posts.

I have a 24’ x 48’ space in my warehouse/barn with a south facing wall and was thinking it could be cool looking to replace the wall with some greenhouse material and throw a couple Genesis XL’s lengthwise. Has anyone ever done anything similar? Do farmbots work well indoors? Has anyone been able to make their farmbot beds “mobile” to play around with sun angles as they change for winter vs. summer gardening?

I really LOVE the idea of this. I’m a software developer who loves gardening so this project seems completely up my alley :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

So long as you keep the basic elements of how it moves around, you can change everything

Put a bed on something with wheels, and slap Farmbot on it

Im pretty sure you can even mount it to the back of a pickup truck and use it’s trunk as the grow area itself

(that’d be cool)

Indoor is theoretically easier, as there is no wind and odds are no chance of destruction as you’re in a much more controlled environment

Id love to see how this handles hydroponics though…