Installation Assistance in Los Angeles

So like many of you, I have ordered the Farmbot. As a chef, my goal was to grow some of my own food and herbs. It seems to me that many of you on here are skilled in the technical aspects of the Farmbot, but when it comes to that, I am an idiot.

Installation of the initial raised bed and then the Farmbot components is mostly beyond my current capabilities. I am okay with the operating aspect once it is up and running and the maintenance as well. So my question to the community is this; does anyone out there live in Los Angeles who would be willing to assist me in the setup process? This would include doing most of the installation of the Farmbot kit. I would also require some help with the raised bed, but can probably handle that on my own with a handyman if need be. I have plenty of room for the Farmbot, so that is not an issue.

Thoughts or additional ideas would also be greatly appreciated.

Hi Nealji sorry for the late reply. Farmbot inc is California based so it may be possible to get one of them to come out. But if you ever have any trouble with setting things up we will feel free to ask.

you can allook at the Hardware Docs for installation help.


Thanks for the reply Luther. I did go through the Hardware docs, that is why I wrote the email. In reading many of the forum messages, it seems many of the supporters are quite technologically advanced compared to me. Much of what I read is confusing to me. I am more interested in the end result and maintaining things. I am thinking maybe this would be something for me to consider down the road as oppossed to being first in. I don’t have much to offer in the open source arena either. If I were to find a “partner” who was interested in the setup and technology apects of the product with the ability to help me build and use it, that would work. I of course have paid for it, they would contribute in other ways. Thoughts?

Hey Nealji,

I think that having a partner would be a great idea, possibly even a local university would be interested in helping.

Which parts of the Farmbot are least comfortable with is it just the setup? Do you think you would be able to use the planter interface?
(this thing)

Yes, I think it is just the set-up, though I will need hands on training to manage the system once it is installed. I will look at the web application and think with some assistance I could handle it. I like your University idea, I live close to Valley College.

Mine is now For sale only $1,500 and for 1,700 I will include the raised bed. I am in the same boat as you and after having it up and running now I don’t have time to try and learn the program. I live in Arizona and can deliver for a charge.