Installing Tracks

Hello! Just got our raised bed ready and started to install the tracks tonight. Unfortunately we’re running into an issue with the attachment of the tracks to the mounting plates (doesn’t bode well for us for building the rest!!). We follow the instructions that say to leave the t-nuts horizontal, but when we tighten the screws, the nuts do not seem to be turning to lock into place in the slot in the tracks - so the tracks just keep falling off. We can tighten the screws so that the tracks feel slightly secure, as if the screws are slightly locked in place, but with minimal force, we can get the tracks to detach from the screws. Are we doing something obviously wrong? We tried turning the nuts vertical and sliding the tracks over them, but after sliding a few cm, the nuts just turn horizontal again. Any help appreciated!

Try undoing them a bit, so there’s a bit of ‘slack’, then when you do them up push on the screw head so that the nut is fully inside the channel… then when you turn the screw the nut should turn too and grasp the extrusion. But there needs to be enough ‘slack’ for the nut to be fully inside the extrusion. Once you get the feel for it it’ll make sense!
Of course, I might be doing them all wrong too :wink:

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Thanks so much for the tip…we’re trying again now :slight_smile:

Look down the channel and screw something in close to the end so you can watch the tee nut, youll see how the nuts are supposed to work.