Integration with BioWicked beds to make the system carbon negative

When I first came across the FarmBot I saw its potential to be linked with the low maintenance urban food growing system I have been working on for the past four years. As someone with a number of health issues including chronic arthritis and emphysema I also see the FarmBot’s potential in assisting those with disabilities or mobility problems to still have some control over the growing of their own food. The system I have developed is a soil based wicking bed system that uses a microbial mix to stop the lower anaerobic layer from producing methane. This negates the need for a lower gravel or sand layer, so the beds can be built cheaper and will less materials. The microbial mix contains purple non-sulphuric photosynthetic bacteria that utilises infrared light to fix both nitrogen and carbon from the atmosphere into the soil. I have built the beds at a wide range of public locations including retirement homes, community food gardens, schools, hospital, kindergarten and child care centres etc. They are well suited to community areas as they thrive with very little maintenance and I get wet tropical growth rates in the urban dry tropics. Anyway, I’m not writing this to push my own system. What would be brilliant would be one of my BioWicked garden beds with FarmBot technology added. I can already set up a carbon-negative food-waste-food system incorporating the BioWicked beds, a microbial brewing station and vermiculture. By incorporating FarmBot I think I could develop an easy to replicate carbon negative commercial organic herbs and greens growing system. I have worked in indigenous communities in Australia and two thing many of these communities lack and healthy locally grown food and employment. It could also create employment in inner urban areas as the system could be set up and running without needing previous agriculture experience. I would like to run one FarmBot on a bed 12 metres long and was wondering what is the longest you can run it feasibly? There is a bit of info about the BioWicked beds on my website.