Internet Connection


We are having a little bit of trouble establishing a connection of the FarmBot to the wifi and then to the computer. We have set up the FarmBot Genesis XL and were able to use etcher to “flash” over the program. We are setting up the FarmBot on a school Internet connection.

The FarmBot sent out a wifi connection and my computer picked it up.
We were able go through the setup process and submit the wifi network to the FarmBot, but every time we logged back in to the the FarmBot was “offline”. We have tried creating a new network with no restrictions, and the FarmBot is not creating an IP address. We also tried connecting the FarmBot to a hotspot to establish the connection, and it would not populate to the

Any suggestions?

After you went through the setup process for each of the three connection types you described and didn’t see it connected in the Web App, did you notice the FarmBot’s wifi connection start up again? Or did you need to re-flash the SD card each time? If FarmBot’s wifi network did start up again, you may find helpful error messages on the setup welcome screen.

Also does LAST SEEN in the Device widget say something other than "The device has never been seen."? I assume you’ve already reviewed the troubleshooting section of the configuration documentation.

The Wifi connection did not restart itself automatically. We had to keep hitting the “reset” button on the circuit board and then unplug and plug in the FarmBot from power to see the wifi signal pop up on our computer again. We then continued to try the setup. The last step was to pick a file of three different versions. We are selecting Version 1.4. Which we believe is the correct one.

The widget notes that “The device has never been seen.”

Yes we did utilize that troubleshooting section, that is how were able to get our district to create a network for us, with those ports mentioned.


After plugging FarmBot back in and connecting to the FarmBot’s WiFi the second time, did the first setup screen (Configure your FarmBot Version 6.4.11: START) show any error messages? There should be some new text (FARMBOT UNEXPECTEDLY SHUT DOWN: Last shutdown reason) with an error message if something goes wrong during configuration.

I’m not entirely sure where I would see that message, I did not see that message anywhere on the screen?

I understand what you mean by this now, we have not received any error message screens.