Interviewing Farmbot users @ Downtown SF

Hello all,

My name is Miki and I am working as a creative director at an agency in Tokyo.
Currently we are doing research relate to the global food challenge in year 2050
and been looking into the movement of growing crops for 100% human consumption.
To further research about this problem, we are currently researching about Farmbots
and hoping to interview early adopters who own and currently use a Farmbot.
If you are available from the 15th - 19th of September and can travel to downtown SF,
please take the survey below to let us know your availability.

Participants will be:
Signing our standard Confidentiality Agreement
Allow us to take photo s and record the interview session
Bring your ID with a photo. (for group interviews. this is required to enter the building)

$150 for group interview
$250 for personal interview at home.
Payment would be in cash.


Looking forwards to hearing from you all!