Is it possible to get Farmduino in the future?

do you have an estimate cost?
is the computational power bigger than current arduino regarding the sample rate for the encoders?
will the encoders function for positional reference or just to detect slip?

I’m guessing we’ll have the Farmduinos available mid-August for individual sale. The Arduino chip is the same one used in the MEGA. We’re still improving the software for the encoders so that they can be used for positioning rather than just slip detection, though the speed will probably need to be a little slower for this. In future versions of the Farmduino we’ll add more hardware specifically for encoders that will allow very high sample rates.

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look forward for all the upgrades. I just started to operate normal the farmbot and I am very exited. I got the first “take tool” and “seeding” sequence finally succesful. thank you for all the farmbot team