Is the Maximum Crop Height 0.5m or 1m?

Question 1:
What is the correct maximum crop height?

I find many mentions of 50 cm, because of height of gantry.

But in the ‘Intro to FarmBot Genesis’ page I find:

So is V.1.5 the new version with possibility to have hardware for crop height of 1 m?

(I saw a closed post of dec 17, but the answer which was found is concerning the maximal height the hardware can reach in a warehouse. Which is something different)

Question 2:
If the Maximum Crop Height is 1m, how do I order the specific hardware?

Thanks for your answer in advance.


The max crop height is closer to 0.5m as mentioned in the tech specs section on our homepage. I have just updated the documentation as well - thanks for pointing out the discrepancy.

You can work with taller crops at the very front and back ends of the bed, where the gantry only needs to come up to the plant but doesn’t need to pass over it. And there are some users here on the forum who have extended their tracks beyond the bed and planted some crops at grade level (below the raised bed soil height) giving those crops an extra 0.3m to 0.5m.

In general though, 0.5m is what you should be expecting out of the box.

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Very clear. Thank you for the answer and for the update in the info.
And thank you for all the great work you are doing!

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