Is there a way to postpone or skip a Farm Event without deleting all similar events?

It is raining today, so I want to skip my watering Farm Events.
However, it seems the only way to do this it to delete them, then re-create them when the sky clears.
Am I missing something?

If statement with a running farmware which checks the weather is not possible or?

Well, the bot obviously does not know if its raining or not, so he can’t make the decition if the soil is still dry and the rain is about to come. If it has already rained and the soil is wet, you can check with the soil sensor in the ground (but thats not really precise as you may have expirienced).

But you could block the sequence if you don’t want to run the farmevent:

  • Add a sensor in the device tab with an unused pin as digital (peripheral might work too).
  • Create a new sequence for the decition making. Use an “IF” block and check if your pin is 1. Put your watering sequence in the field “THEN” and leave the “ELSE” field empty (or add a sequence with an error message in there).
  • Now you can set your desired pin to 1 if the sequence should run, or set it to 0 if its raining soon. Remember to set it to 1 again :slight_smile:

But thats just a quick workaround and nothing really official. There are many options to automate this but that needs a lot of work.

@Klimbim Is there already such a Farmware that checks if the weather in the users location is rainy or something like that?

Not that I know of… :frowning: