Issue with camera rotation and photos view on farm designer

Hi everyone,

i wonder if someone could suggest how to fix the 2 issues.

my photos are rotated, I haven’t managed to fix that using calibration nor physcally rotating supplier borescope cam in its plastic holder.

also if I try to visualize the photos of the bed in farm designer, photos are too large and not respecting the area they cover within the bed.

am I missing something in device calibration?


how photos show in farm designer

Could you provide your calibration photo and your calibration values?

This generally sounds like your calibration input values are wrong. Maybe your red markers are not parallel to an axis which gives you a wrong rotation angle.
Have you read the software docs about calibration? Those instructions should work even if this might not be clear if you haven’t done that before.

So the reason for your picture to be so big, is that the calculated value PIXEL COORDINATE SCALE is too high. This happens when your CALIBRATION OBJECT SEPARATION does not fit the space which is in real. Make sure that the red markers are the only detected objects when calibrating!
Also keep in mind, that once calibration is done, you must take photos always at the same height as it was while calibration!

thank you for the reply. It was my mistake, I have placed red markers 2cm from each other instead of 20cm… my “Calibration Object Separation” setting is 200. now I have such result, however each individual picture is still a bit rotated. any suggestions how to fix that?

Rotate the camera and run the calibration again. Repeat until the CAMERA ROTATION value is almost 0.