Issues with Y axis motor

I’ve been working out many issues with getting farmbot to move smoothly. Now I’m having an issue with my y axis not moving a long the track. The motor tries to move but can only sputter, not move consistently as it needs. I’ve checked that racks and things are all correct, but now i’m wondering if its something in the settings.

Below are the current motor settings:

Additionally, here are the encoder settings:

I’m also having issues with the coordinate calibrations constantly changing. But i cant address that until the y axis is moving properly!

Please let me know of anything to try. Thank you!

How are your microstepping settings on the RAMPS shield? Did you use any jumpers?

Hi, the microsteppers are set to the original settings. I did a factory reset yesterday with no changes to functionality.
Here is a video of what’s happening to the motor:

Hey @GEN2050 I am not able to see the video, can you upload it elsewhere?