It would be useful to have a directory of resources

Wouldn’t it be useful to have a directory of useful information and contacts to support our users? With a structure in place, we could crowdsource this info. I imagine this broken down by country, province or state, down to maybe the county or county equivalent level. In my county in Florida, for example, I would want people to know about the Innovation Lab (ilab) at St. Petersburg College which can help with 3D printing and a host of other things. People on the coast here might be interested in info about using seaweed as compost. Someone in Bavaria might have other useful info that is specific to their location. It seems important to have a way to rate these resources and report them as outdated too. If someone were to wish to offer their help to noobs, they might wish to provide guidelines about what they are willing to help with as well as limits.


Great idea! That’s what we can use the Wiki for:

Let’s talk about it - I think I have some idea. it begins with an excel shared spreadsheet as the db and can stretch to a full web system that filters through that.

@rootux, I have been using the wiki for this because of rory’s suggestion. I haven’t gotten that far in that direction yet. What do you have in mind? I don’t understand

I was thinking something more like a shared excel file - like the one used to populate the data for
crowd sourcing in an excel file is much easier then a wiki.
Then from that file create a frontend system / script that will generate the wiki.

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Feel free to share a spreadsheet around with whatever info you have/are requesting :slight_smile: