June 7, 2018 Software Update

We updated my.farm.bot and FarmBot OS today with the following new features and fixes:

Farm Designer:

  • Added a button to the crop info panel to create a plant in the garden map at FarmBot’s current position.


  • Added an input form to Run Farmware steps if the selected Farmware accepts inputs. These inputs allow a Farmware with inputs to be scheduled or run multiple times with specific inputs each time.


  • Increased browser performance when generating many logs.
  • A warning log will display and a “cooldown” period begins if a looping issue creates too many logs at once. The rate limits are 1k logs/minute, 10k logs/hour, and 100k logs per day, at which point logs will no longer be delivered or stored until the next time period.
  • Removed outdated filter of logs containing the word filtered.
  • Fixed bug where emergency stop emails were sent twice for the same event.

FarmBot OS (v6.4.2):

  • Pre-installed a new farmware_tools package to provide Farmware with a simple interface to common commands. To use the new functions, just import farmware_tools as shown in the Farmware development documentation. (You can also pip install farmware_tools for local development.)
  • If FarmBot OS reboots for any reason and a fat32-formatted flash drive is plugged in, FarmBot OS will store a copy of its logs on the flash drive.


love it!

Any implementation planned that this content will be uploaded once farmbot is connected to the account where those logs were recorded offline @Gabriel?

Farmbot will never read data back from the flash drive. It has no way of knowing if that data was ever sent to the api or not. It is a last attempt to get information to a user that may have no way of making it to the api for viewing in the frontend. (such as if the internet is down when Farmbot powers off)

Hoi @connor please cut and move the topic to feature request if you think that we are spamming this thread.

Why could it not read those lines together with the time and search for them in the “online” logs? Would be just very convient as those things (sadly) happen regularly to not having to open up the 6 screws of the electronics box each time, plugging out, plugging in, and vice versa again… just a thought :wink:

We’ve been working hard on Farmbot OS being able to persist logs across reboot/disconnects. Right now logs are not buffered on the device at all, just sent out.

I’ve added the flashdrive feature as an interim solution, but expect next FarmbotOS major release to contain support for logs being more guaranteed along with Networking to be a bit more resilient to disconnects.

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