Larger scale farming

I have many years of experience in automation and excellent knowledge in electronics, computers, programming, and robotics. Have a very good idea for making large scale robotic farming systems that are fairly cheap to produce. 2 ideas, really. One is more expensive but requires almost no programming, and the other is dirt cheap and requires a lot of programming.

I understand the problems with large area, the speed of the unit and price has to be low enough to be worthwhile and stuff like that.

The problem is I am stuck in a dead end job, barely making enough to survive and barely having any time left over to do anything. I also spend all my free time working on ending poverty and bring World Peace.

If someone could help me with this, there is a really good potential for making plenty of money and also helping mankind tremendously. I want to bring the technology to the poorest of the poor, which means it has to be very cheap, but that does not mean that we won’t make plenty of money off of it. Even making $0.01 from 7 billion people, is a lot of money. The thing is though, I really want to find someone who is more interested in ending poverty and bringing World Peace, rather than making a lot of money. Making a good living, yes, but not becoming insanely rich.

You really can have only one of those two options, and you can choose to end poverty and bring World Peace, or you can choose to try to be insanely rich and die in nuclear war. 'Course, I will not help with that option, I’m only interested in the World Peace option.

Anyway, being stuck in a dead end job, taking all my time away, and giving barely survival money, and also my work in ending poverty, means that I could work extremely little on this project, unless I could get a sponsor of some form. Could be a partner, or whatever. Might be possible to just have a small team of helpers, without money, but that would be a slow process and someone else might get going before then and the opportunity might get missed. So ideally, if someone had money to sponsor it, that would be best. Or even a large enough plot of land, that could be used to produce income would be a big help, that would be another way to fund it.

If you are interested in this, let me know. DO NOT assume I’ll find someone with lots of money that will help or someone better than you that will help. In fact, I’m lucky if I find anyone at all that will help. I know this from experience. I have been working on this same sort of thing for 17 years now.

I believe strongly in open source, but I also know there is a time for not being so open. I really need some new form of income, and I can’t get giving away that income to someone else before I even get started. That simply is not an option for me.

I have had a plan that can end poverty and bring about World Peace for 17 years now, and I could do it for even $100,000, but in 17 years I’ve never been able to get any funding at all, so I fully understand that I need to work at something that will produce the money I need to do this, from my own pocket. So I hope you will understand why I don’t wan’t to just tell you my ideas so that you do not need me and so I loose my chance of getting the money I need to prevent nuclear war.

In a competitive world, any and all technology that is not available to the poor, hurts the poor. Any technology the poor can not afford, makes it more difficult for the poor to compete, and therefore hurts the poor.

Anyway, if you’d like to help, let me know. Even if you have alternative ways for me to make income, not including anything sales and marketing related. Absolutely no interest in MLMs or anything related to sales and marketing. In fact, I should say, not just ideas, but something real. I can not waste time on just ideas.

I would like to point out also, that I believe this automated approach has a pretty serious advantage over standard farming, in that it can help utilize the area more efficiently, help to keep the sun off the soil, and also help to keep the soil more alive. I’ve heard that multi-cropping can produce 1.5 times the yield.

Actually I’m developing my personal organic project and your offer get my attention, but need to know more specific bullets of your roadmap or plan steps.

I can add some contribution in terms of money and the developing of the project if your choice is open source tech like Linux, Arduino, Raspberry, etc.

If that’s the car, please let me know some details like asked to begin¡¡