Latest Farmbot Flat Plates? New ones coming?

Am I correct that the latest set of FarmBot flat plates is located here, with the 1.2 version? Is there a new version to be released sometime in the next 2 months or so?

We’re trying to put together a sale to help out all the FarmBot people putting together their own machine from parts, and want to make sure that the latest stuff is easy to order.

Hey Simon,

The latest version of the plates (v1.2) can be found in our Onshape workspace. We’re still working on the 2D drawings though for everything, which is why v1.2 is still in beta. So if you wanted to get files asap, you could copy the workspace and make your own drawing with the right pieces/quantities and optimize it for your workflow at Big Blue Saw. The v1.2 design itself is not changing at this point, we’re just cleaning up the CAD, making drawings, and updating docs.

However, v1.2 is the production FarmBot device that we made 350 units of, and it does have some bent aluminum plates, as opposed to only flat plates. We decided to do this for the kits because it simplifies the construction and greatly increases strength in some key areas. We do see the need though for a design that has only flat plates in it, so we plan to release an alternate CAD design alongside our production CAD, which will be more DIY friendly. My guess is we’ll have this released within a few weeks when we announce the v1.2 documentation.

Are the SketchFab and OnShape designs the same?

They should be, but I would trust the Onshape files to be the most accurate. Basically we use Sketchfab for displaying parts in the BOM as a quick visual reference, but prefer people to download from Onshape as it is the canonical source of CAD data.