LEDs indicator doesn't light up after upgrade from V1.5 to V1.6

I would like to seek for your advice because I’ve just updated my FarmBot and the LEDs indicator doesn’t light up as shown in the picture. However, when I log in to my FarmBot, everything works fine and the connectivity is green in the website.

Can anyone help me with this issue?

Hello @Parkpoom

  • Was your Farmbot device hardware updated ? ( and /or FBOS Software versions ? )
  • Which specific LED indicator has "the "light up" problem" ?

Hi Jsimmonds,
Thank you for your reply.
Regarding your question,

  • Yes. We’ve updated to v1.6 both software and hardware. In addition, in the website the status light show perfectly fine as the picture attached.

  • Regarding to the LED indicator, I believe the green and the blue (the sync and connection) are the ones that I concern.

Thank you for your insight in advance.

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