Lets build new concepts to FarmBot

My name is Fabricio, I write from Brazil and for a about 2 years I have seen your project on TEdTalks and YouTube and it has been very inspirating. Today I’m one semester from gratuating on Agronomy Enginieering, I’m not sure if you are familiar with the course. The fact is, for long time before I see your projetc I liked this concept of robots plus agriculture and I feel it very present in a close future. Notice we don’t have any approach on these themes around here, at least at my university, UFV - Universidade Federal de Viçosa. What happened is that only now I visited your web site and I am seeing the Raised Track vcs Low track and I’ve gone throught this concept and I found it limited to ‘X’ and ‘Z’ axis, we can’t move it on ‘Y’ axe limiting the size and mobility of this machine. I found that using poles instead of tracks and making these machine ‘to walk’ or ‘to skitter’ using rolling tracks could make it free to go anywhere. Also,I’m having some insights to free it from the tracks and allow it to go further and work on plain fields without causing soil compaction. Finally, I wish I could be helpful to a project like this!