List of Farmbot Builders/buyers from Wa or OR

Hi My names Andrew Powers,
I saw your posted on Facebook and been working on making it a reality for Community Gardens ever since

I run a 501©3 Non Profit called Key Tech Labs, we teach kids about emerging tech like 3d printing, raspberry pi, and robotics. And the Farmbot is all of those.

I’m looking for a list of people/organization I can contact that have bought/built, will buy/build, or just plan on working with the Farmbot here in WA or OR… Guess Idaho and Canada as well

Does anybody have a list already started ?

City of Seattle has a Grant and moving on it to create Community Gardens that are automated, with this there is now reason food deserts should exist

Thanks for your help

2 people in Arizona

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Hi Andrew,

My name is Patrick and I am a Software Developer that just moved to Seattle from the Denver area, and am interested in learning more about Farmbot. Also, awesome non-profit. If you have any volunteer opportunities related to Farmbot or gardening/farming technology, I might be interested. Building a community garden with this would be amazing.


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Hey Patrick, glad to find someone in Seattle.

Our Non profit is getting a lot of push so im getting excited.
I’m ramping up for the learning to build it myself, getting Raspberry pi Certified this month
we are crowdfunding for equipment cost on Indiegogo: A Dollar Brings S.T.E.M Education to South Seattle
but the kicker is a grant we are working is now being backed by Parks and Recs & CHI Franciscan.

Now just looking for volunteers to build and teach. So glad you hit me up! we are now trying to figure out how easy/hard it is to build the Farmbot, so we are going to at least buy one.

Wanted to know how hard you think building its going to be? im not a soft dev raspberry pi and Adurino are made so kids can learn on it but, also know it can get pretty advanced…

cant wait to bring this monster to life
Thanks for the interest

Hey Joel, are you/do you know the two people?

even watching a video of a build would be awesome

All for one
Andrew Powers

I live in Victoria, BC. I have no experience with Arduino and Rasberry Pi. My little Brother and I were able to build the FarmBot in three weekends. 1st weekend - Garden Bed. 2nd weekend - set up the main frame and infrastructure. 3rd weekend - set up the wiring and hardware. Our biggest issue was the Arduino. The first one arrived without a pin. We ordered a second that arrived broken. Finally, we picked up another Arduino from a friend.

The online instructions are pretty straight forward, and I’ve found the support to be good enough. Know that this is a machine that requires a lot of tinkering. That’s the fun! Running a class around the concept would be really cool. I’d love to see what the students come up with.

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I built mine and now sold it but also have my fathers for sale too that’s still in the box

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Hey KreekBot, I know its been a long time but never got back to you so wanted to reply,

we had our first build back in 2018 and ended up putting in the park with some students at my old middle school.

we didnt modify anything just a straight build -
here some pictures - The Event Pictures

We plan have gotten some grants to build 3 more farmbot projects with students and are looking for to follow people who have had years so if you and your brother have pictures or feedback over the years would like to know more.