Location variable in sequences

I’m using a FB Genesis 1.4 on FarmOS 7.01
The system comes with two “generic” sequences, e.g. “Mount Tool” and “Unmount Tool” which has a “location variable” which is set to a value “External”.
This looks like as it is possible to build generic sequences and pass in a location as a parameter.


  • I cannot create such a variable myself for my sequences
  • I cannot start these sequences from my custom sequence and pass in a concrete location, e.g. “Seeder Tool” -> some error saying: CS Failed: [execute] - {“move_absolute”, {:unknown_kind, “identifier”}}
  • If I accidently change the location variable in “Mount Tool” to a concrete location, e.g. “Seeder Tool”, I cannot revert this, and the “generic” sequence “Mount Tool” is no longer generic.

Anyone here has experience, has some hints, knows a status of this feature?
I cannot find it in documentation.


Variables are still under construction and only in beta right now. Thats why they are only accessible in OS version 8 which is also a beta version.

I would recommend to stay at 7.0.1 and use the move_absolute in the old fashioned way because using the v8 beta may cause other unexpected issues.


Thanks for clarification.
I am just wondering why in the provided sample sequences on 7.01 there are location variables used… but they do not work correctly.
Anyway an super important feature…
Without that I need to implement a sequence for each plant location where i want to
drop a seed