Log accessibility and understanding

Hello FarmBot Team,

the interface has had some great improvements by adding the ‘messages’ section.
However to me the accessibility of the logs has moved one click too far, by clicking on the logs bar and filter logs, or scrolling down messages until ‘view logs’.

If one is trying to vary the different settings to find the best for ones needs viewing the logs is a frequent task.
Understanding this happens more in the first phase of most peoples use case of the FarmBot, maybe it’s not as frustrating to other people.

Furthermore it’s not as easy to understand what the different levels of filtering mean, since the relevant messages might not be displayed when playing with the slider.
A list of examples for the levels in the documentation would be a great addition in my opinion.

Edit: a popout window for logs would be cool too.

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Popup for logs would be way cool/useful…

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Just working with my system today - a near-time log display on the page with the motor and encoder position values would be a good place. Move to “Feature Requests”?

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Just Open in a new window/tab:

Messages -> view logs

or there


Embarrasingly easy and the logs are syncing. :sweat_smile:

You could also click on your account name on the top right -> logs. Still I would prefer having another widget tab like it was before …

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