Low power red flashing ring

my farmbot red ring is flashing on reboot which indicates “low power” well everything is connected well and plugged in, so I am not sure where to go. Yes the outlet is good.

Do you mean the red E-stop button on the top of the electronics box is flashing? That means you may need to re-flash the firmware to the microcontroller. See this table for additional details: https://software.farm.bot/docs/status-leds#section-e-stop-button

It is the red ring led around the button…

all the directions on the web say you have to do this from the web interface… however this problem is not even allowing me to connect to wifi…

@jorrflv I logged in to your account remotely and saw that you have “Automatic Soft Reset” enabled:


This feature will reset your device if the internet goes out for more than 20 minutes. There is no risk of data loss and I have disabled the feature to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Since we’re not certain this is the cause of the problem, I would ask that you please perform a hard reset (rather than a soft reset) and let us know when the device is back online. I can take a look remotely after that.

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@jorrflv Did a hard reset help the issue?

It did and I was getting tired of the unstableness of the wifi. So today I am running a hardwire (we added some infrastructure recently that allowed me to do so) and I will go from there.

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