Makers Automated and Regenerative Community in Austin, TX, space available

Greeting fellow makers,

I have recently moved to Austin, TX to be near a TechShop and to create an Automated and Regenerative Community Co-House. We are looking for a larger home in the next 1-2 months that can comfortably support 8+ of us. We are working together on world changing projects like the Farm Bot. Our primary goal is to automate systems that allows us to be free of the market by being prosumers. We have not had the time to update our website to include this project in sufficient detail, but you can get the general idea by visiting and

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a Skype conversation about how you could participate in this project and learn more about what our lifestyle is like.

Our current team:
Steven - Automation Engineer and generalist
Andrew - Computer Scientist and generalist
Steve M. - Network Guru
Josh - Veterinarian
Chris - CAD user and Maker

This sounds like a cool project. I have an idea I was researching a year ago. Ice from solar. The main idea was to cool a home using the energy from the sun. Not using electricity. Some type of chemical closed loop system. I seen there was some work done on it but it was not small scale. Maybe right up your alley in Texas. I look forward to seeing what your team does.

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