Manual controlling, weirdly multiplying the coordinate by 3

So I just moved our farmbot inside, and its now beautifully positioned in our exhibit area. After booting it up, i started noticing something weird. When I manually control it, it multiplies the end coordinate by 3. So, if i use the preset button or manually push in the x axis to move 1000 mm, it does. However, when it arrives, it automatically multiplies the motor coordinate in the shaded grey area by about 3, so it ends up on 3054.

Anyone had this issue? When I had it in our green house it did not have this issue. Im afraid to start sequences or regiments if this messes up the coordinates.

This behaviour sounds like your encoders are not configured as they should be. When your movement is done, the software corrects the actual coordinates with the readings of the encoders.

Check your encoder scaling, maybe The software docs can help you out.