Manufacturer and type of "Waterproof 2-pin screw-together connector"


As already mentioned in another thread I will use a solar panel and batteries as power supply. I don’t want to take the kit power supply apart. So I’d need to know the manufacturer as well as the type of the “Waterproof 2-pin screw-together connector”. There is nothing specified in the BOM. :thinking:

I don’t want to use a Molex 151049 series plug for a direct connection. First because to crimp the terminals correctly I’d need to buy the specific crimp tool for just this connector which usually costs a few hundred bucks here. :exploding_head:
And second I like the flexibility to be able to unplug the solar system and use the power supply if anything goes wrong on the solar side. :wink:

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It won’t answer you question but you can see how I addressed the same here:


Thanks @aronrubin :smiley:
I will probably go the route of mounting a new connector.

I will for sure document my solution regarding my solar panel, battery and DC/DC converter installation. :slightly_smiling_face: