Mark As Planted command does not update plant age

When you manually change a Planned plant to Planted its age resets to 1 day old.

When using the Mark As command at the end of my seeding sequence the plant becomes Planted but it’s still 9 days old.


@mdingena Noted. We appreciate the QA effort on your end, but perhaps we should move these sort of discussions to the FarmBot OS Github repo since this is more of a bug report than a community discussion. We track all of our bugs over there anyway, and as I remember, you are already a Github user correct?

On the flip side, if you are no longer a GH user, it is fine to continue the discussions here on the forum if you prefer.

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I’ve added a new issue. I’m never really sure which repo really owns the problem. I’ve chucked this in Web App. :man_shrugging:t2:

Edit, I really need my morning coffee, I just see you actually linked to the OS repo, not the web app. I’ll create a new issue in that one and close the one in Web App.

But if I had skipped the forum altogether, I would’ve made it in Web App and this is precisely why I come to the forum first, since it’s a centralised place to report, rather than one of the 4 or 5 pigeonholes I have no deep understanding of.

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@mdingena Most issue you’ve submitted so far was FBOS-related, so that’s a good starting point. We can transfer issues if they end up in the wrong place and we wouldn’t expect you to understand the entirety of the system architecture. Thanks for reporting the issues.