Marketing Campaign for Farm.Bot in Germany / Berlin / Futurium

Hi guys,

the futurium is a building which is just finished and should inform the citizens about disrupting movements in technology, economy and society so i think would perfectly fit in it (let’s say above it because the building has an accessible rooftop for the visitors). The fun thing about futurium: it’s already finished and you can visit it but the official opening party is in spring 2019. Probably Futurium has a huge budget to buy exhibition pieces.

So please send an email at futurium and say sth like that you will be in Berlin at *** and you’re very excited about the thing and it would be nice if you could experience such a great project in action at the futurium.

Hey Fafi,

cool thing that you like to have a farmbot for Futurium in Berlin. With itelligence, we are working on our second farmbot (first one is in the Netherlands build by itelligence NL) that will be part of our rooftop within the next two weeks. I would like to get in contact with you to discuss maybe a cooperation or some other things about Futurium as you seem to be working for Futurium. If you like to contact me send me a Mail to, or you give me your mail so I can contact you.

Looking forward to hear from you