Max speed impossible to change

I’ve been trying to edit the hardware parameters but whenever I try to change the Max speed (mm/s) to a lower value and as soon I go to any other button and obviously when I want save, instead of saving the new value I had input it just goes right back to the standard 800 value.

Hey​ @Pascal
Are you able to change any other parameters or switch the toogles below? Can you see anything changing in the log bar on the top?

No, I can’t change anything. It’s always the same

Sounds like your command to update the parameters does not arrive at the arduino. I assume it does not take any commands at all, like moving any axis or toogle a peripheral?

There are two possible causes that could cause this:

  • Your wire between raspberry and Arduino/Ramps is not connected properly.
  • Your firmware flash has gone wrong. Remove your SD-Card, flash it with the newest FarmbotOS, plug it back in and do the configuration again. The download link and an easy guide how to flash can be found here.

Just now, the values go to 800, 300, 300 without I did anything but I can’t anymore change any of them. I can “set zero position”

Where are those values from? Position values or speed parameters?

It moves very well but each time, even if the move is good I’ve “Farmbot Didn’t Get That! Relative movement request failed”

Max speed values

Okay sounds like something just got mixed up in your software.
I would recommend to refresh the page and restart your Farmbot via the webapp. Make sure to move it to your home position (0,0,0) before shutting down.

Values are now 800, 400, 300 as I tried few minutes ago but now still impossible to change
Like if like comm lag or somebody else changing for me

I did everything you advice me to do

As I told, as soon I go to any other button, the value return to the previous and even if saved button goes to update to finish in saved, the value is still the previous

The button synced is sync now but it doesn’t go to synced

I work in my garden with Iphone. I checked with my PC and everything is OK (change values for max speed or synced) but not on my Iphone. It’s an Iphone pbme, not Farmbot pbme

@Pascal it would be nice if you don’t post here like in chats. Enables the reader and possible helper much more to read it fast… other than looking a one sentence in each post of you…

Which browser on which system are you using when it fails? Safari is not supported… chrome and Firefox are…

Sorry for the posts.
You’re right, it works with Chrome PC and not with Safari

Thank you.

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