May 9, 2018 Software Update

We updated today with the following new features and fixes:


  • You can now download all of your Web App account data by pressing a button on the Account page. Exported data is delivered in JSON format to your email address as a file attachment.


  • Added an option to change the home button command from Move Home to Find Home. Thanks @Diman4os for the nudge on this feature.


  • (FarmBot OS v6.4.1) Added a hardware parameter to invert value (in addition to swapping position) of end-stops. This allows the use of normally open or normally closed endstops.

FarmBot OS (v6.4.1):

  • New network configuration workflow to allow more control over interface settings.
  • Regimens are now re-indexed when a sequence is edited and synced.



Hi Gabriel

On GitHub I can’t find the latest image for the version 6.4.1.
Can you update the image file?


FarmBot OS v6.4.1 was released today. You can press the UPDATE button in the Device page Device widget to update FarmBot OS to the latest version from a previous image, or download the latest FarmBot OS image through the link in Step 1 of the installing FarmBot OS documentation.

See the Configurator documentation for information about the updated network selection form.


That looks amazing! I love those images and the wifi strength bar :+1:

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