Message Broker Firewall Problems

We have a firewall that requires both an IP source and destination. We are having trouble connecting to the message broker on our school network. I need to figure out what IPs the message broker service uses and on what port (I assume it is 5672). I assume its the domain IPS? Our firewall request system is very slow so testing on the fly is hard. Barring that, any tips on running a packet capture while the farmbot is running?

The rabbitmq broker is set in the json web token given out by the Farmbot Web App.
Currently it is set to, but there is no guarantee it will not change.
You will need 5672 opened for farmbot to reach it, but you will also need standard ssl websocket and http ssl ports opened also for the Web App and browser to communicate. You can use wireshark to capture packets while farmbot is running, but it uses encryption where possible, and would also be quite a pain to setup properly.


Thanks for the reply. Still getting errors after putting in firewall requests. Specifically:

Last shutdown reason: Failed to start child: Elixir.Farmbot.BotState.Transport.AMQP reason: {:timeout, {:gen_server, :call, [#PID<0.775.0>, :connect, 60000]}} This is likely a bug. Please copy or screenshot this error and send it to the Farmbot developers.

environment: prod

source_ref: 8cc1414242a8c1340653b019f0ccd462b68ca3b9

target: rpi3


[	{Farmbot, :start, 2, [file: 'lib/farmbot.ex', line: 22]},

{:application_master, :start_it_old, 4, [file: 'application_master.erl', line: 273]}]



[edited to format error message]

Your bot is still unable to reach the Message broker. It looks like your firewall is causing the connection to hang indefinitely. (or at least longer than 60 seconds anyway)