Mirrored Images after Camera Calibration

Hi All,
Our garden is growing nicely with Arduino 1.2, perfect watering sequence three times a day and almost all seeds coming up :slight_smile:
However the camera calibration has been an issue:

  • the photos where always mirrored in the farm designer until I tricked it into displaying correctly by choosing home = bottom right instead of home = top right during calibration. Now it’s displaying correctly (see image) but the weed detection does not play along due to a 90 degree rotation.
    I guess the issue is due to some wrong origin selection in the first place or why are my images mirrored if I follow the camera calibration perfectly?
    Thank you for any ideas or suggestions, Alex

The origin location in image setting, as you’ve found, is the correct setting to adjust image mirroring. You may also try adding or subtracting 90 degrees from the camera rotation angle setting. Both of these settings can be adjusted after running camera calibration so that photos are displayed correctly in the Farm Designer and so that new photos are rotated correctly.